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United Kingdom
Hello there. I'm Spitfire-SOS. And welcome to my mish-mash of a profile. You'll find a lot of random stuff here that makes little to no sense but regardless. Enjoy it :)

I draw ponies and write the odd bit of MLP related fanfiction. I don't do much else. There are reasons but I won't bore you with details

If you see a person on another site with the name 'Spitfire-SOS' or 'Zap-the-Pegasus' or something very similar to that it is very likely me. Though feel free to ask if you're unsure.

I am a fan of many things. And as a result most of what I post on here is fan-art in some shape or form. Harry Potter is currently my focus point. But it will jump about and drift from time to time.

I'll put something more meaningful on here one day..

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Commissions are currently closed. But feel free to have a look anyway, in case you're interested for when they open again :)

Hello everybody.
I think it's about time I opened commissions up again. So I'm opening a couple of slots. Prices are pretty much the same as before though I've made some changes here and there. And I'm posting them here instead of with the commissions widget 'cos it's easier ><

Point Commissions - Closed by SweetDukeTrades - Ask Me by SweetDukeCollaborations - Ask Me by SweetDukeRequests - Friends Only by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke

:bulletblue: Points only.
:bulletblue: Not first come first served.
:bulletblue: Please give me some information on what you want me to draw. Even if it's just a sentence. I haven't quite mastered the art of telepathy yet.
:bulletblue: If I deny your commission for whatever reason, or suggest that changes be made to what you want to fit my ability. Please don't make a fuss.
:bulletblue: If you'd like to order a commission, then please leave a comment on this journal, or send me a note.
:bulletblue: 1 commission per person, unless interest is low, then I may let you have more.
:bulletblue: Prices may increase if your character is particularly complex.
:bulletblue: Please bare in my mind that my art style is constantly changing.

Please be clear about what you want. So that you don't confuse me. ^^' As well as links refs or clear pictures of characters you want me to draw.

Anyway. Prices. Here you go :)


Various Head Doodles by Spitfire-SOS          Commission: Mystic by Spitfire-SOS          Summer Contest - 3rd Place Prize - Sunny Ice by Spitfire-SOS

Coloured - 20 Points  
Lineless - 30 Points 
Just Lines - 15 Points 

Additional Character + 5 Points 

Full Body

Peeves the Poltergeist by Spitfire-SOS          Sparkles* by Spitfire-SOS          Request: Crystal and Five by Spitfire-SOS

Coloured - 60 Points 
Just Lines (Not pictured above) - 40 Points 

Additional Character + 15 Points 


Chibis!!! by Spitfire-SOS          More Chibi Ponies by Spitfire-SOS

30 Points for 1
+15 Points per additional

Colour Ref
(Picture of the character with separate colour pallet and cutie mark)

Professor Minerva McGonagall by Spitfire-SOS          Poetic Elegance by Spitfire-SOS          Nilesy by Spitfire-SOS

65 Points each


Snowgloby simple backgrounds for full bodies and chibis cost an extra 10 Points
examples - 
To Hogwarts we Go by Spitfire-SOS          A Very Blue Moment by Spitfire-SOS

Simple Colour background cost an extra 10 Points 
example -
Dark at Heart by Spitfire-SOS


1. tails-fangirl Headshot - Coloured - Mystic - Paid - Done
2. MasterZehnny - Full Body x2 - Coloured - Snow Globe Background - Burning Moon and Vyvyan - Paid - Done
3. PrincessFaeron - Full Body - Coloured - Wish Maker - Done

Progress thing >> Commission Progress


Only three slots for now. Don't want to end up with a stupid pile of things I need to draw ><


Spitfire-SOS has started a donation pool!
496 / 600
Thank you to everyone who donates points to me! I love you all :D
Pay for commissions/adopts etc here please :)

You must be logged in to donate.


Zap Reference Sheet. by Spitfire-SOS
Zap Reference Sheet.
Well. 'Bout time I did this. Considering Zap is my ponysona, I don't draw her anywhere near enough. I've drawn small refs for most of my OC's, but not Zap, so I thought that I should probably put something together, if nothing else, it saves me sending about five different pictures of her to people who draw her for commissions or requests or prizes or whatever.
I've been going through my OC's, and I've decided to make proper, big reference sheets for them, like this one.
She's pictured as an adult, a filly of about nine or ten, and as a young foal. Each with 'stylised' and 'normal' versions. The former is with all the racial features and what not, The latter more similar to the show, so no racial features, and also more show similar eyes. Which I haven't drawn in a while. There aren't many differences. But I thought it'd be nice to see how she looks in both styles. I'll also be drawing my other ponies like that too.
It did feel a bit strange drawing her without her racial features, since I'm so used to seeing her with them now. Still. It made a nice change :D
I need to work on Crusader age pony anatomy. Since it's still a bit rough. I think I may have made them too small here, but hey ho. It'll do for now. :P

Please let me know what you think of the layout of the picture above. I want to know if I should stick with something like this, or make some changes. The fonts will change on other refs to match the character. Well, the lightningy font will anyway :P Or at least. That's the idea..


Anyway. Onto the actual bio bit. There's a little on the image itself. But all the rest is below. I may add more in the future. But for now. This is all I got.

Name: Zap
Nickname: N/A
Age: 17
Gender: Mare
Race: Pegasus
Birthday: 26th October
Appearance: Long, straight blue and yellow hair, orange eyes, teal coat, lightning mark around left foreleg. About average height and quite skinny.
Usual Attire: Necklace with lightning bolt pendant. Often wears hoodies (though not pictured)
Magic aura: N/A
Wing/Feather size and length: Fairly average sized wings and tail feathers.
Racial Features: Yellow wing and tail feathers, unicorn tail, long fetlocks with slight feathering and light body feathering on hind legs. Blue hooves.
Sexuality: Asexual
Relatives: Unicorn mother,
Pegasus father.
Mathematics - younger unicorn sister
Occupation: Student/Weather Pony
Cutie Mark: Z shaped lightning bolt and a pencil.
Likes: Flying. Drawing. Writing. Hanging around with friends. Being included. Getting things done. Peace and quite. Listening to music. Reading. Playing games. Magic tricks. Chocolate.
Dislikes: Feeling left out. Having too much to do and not enough time to do it. Being unable to fly. Lacking inspiration to draw or write. Talking to large crowds of ponies that she doesn't know. Being blamed for doing nothing wrong. Not being listened too. Wearing dresses, or any kind of 'girly' clothes.
Skills: A talented artist and budding author. Fast and agile flyer.
Weaknesses: Can be very shy around new ponies, and sometimes struggles to make new friends, has a tendency to worry too much about upcoming events and will often convince herself that something bad will happen. Isn't a very organised pony and is not very good at keeping to deadlines.
Abilities: Slightly higher resistance to electricity than other ponies. And thus, is often tasked with moving storm clouds whilst working.
Other Things: Kind and caring and, when in the right mind-set, can be very hard-working, though she can be easily distracted. Is usually very patient, but doesn't like it when ponies test her patience by making excuses. Often has far too much free time on her hooves, and ends up spending far too much time drawing and playing games. Can be very competitive, especially when playing games with friends. Is good friends with Hazel Nut, whom she jokingly calls her 'baby', despite him being older than her. Born in Ponyville, but attended Cloudsdale flight school as a filly. Hufflepuff. 12 1/2 inch, English Oak, Dragon Heartstring core wand. Her favourite animal is the Cheetah, though she doesn't really know why. Was quite late to get her cutie mark, with it finally appearing in her early teens. Has a bit of a 'love/hate' relationship with her younger sister. She was born with yellow hair, though as she got older, blue started to grow into it.


Being my ponysona, Zap is very much like me, her personality is very similar, her likes and dislikes and all that. She's a bit of a tomboy, and is a million miles away from being a 'girly girl'. Just like me. (Hoodies and trackies, no make-up and a quick brush through my hair is fine thanks..) I did make some changes. She is a bit older than me, she has a job.., and I obviously didn't go to a flight school. I've been a student at two schools in my life. And for the time being it'll stay that way, unless I go to uni.. The bit about her hair changing colour is somewhat similar to me, when I was little, my hair was blonde, but as I've gotten older, it's naturally turned darker, now it's brown. I've never dyed my hair. It's just changed on it's own. Though it isn't streaked like Zap's is. :P She also shares my birthday. I'll be giving most of my OC's birthdays now, since I think it adds a little more character to them. So watch out for that :P I put Hufflepuff and my wand from Pottermore in her bio, not sure why, I just felt like putting it there :P

Baby Zap is so cute :3 Omg so cute 

Note: 'Skills' is things like cutie mark talent, unless it's something a little more unusual, and any other talents the pony may have. 'Abilities', is things that the pony is born with, in Zap's case, higher resistance to lighting than other ponies. The cutie mark talent can be registered under abilities, though it probably won't happen much, and I can only think of one OC of mine where this applies.

But yeah, not much else to say really. Other than I hope you like and please fav and comment. :D

Zap belongs to me.
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Art belongs to and was made by me :D
Invisible Windows by Spitfire-SOS
Invisible Windows
I don't really know where this one came from. Well. I sorta do. I know where it started, and then things happened, ideas came, and I ended up with this.

It started with me watching the original Willy Wonka film again the other day. And I spotted that there are a few scenes where Wonka is staring rather absently at the camera, wide eyed and with an odd smile. Almost like he can see the audience (Sounds stupid I know, but bare with me). I fancied drawing Wonka again after I'd finished watching it, since it's been a while, so I doodled him, on his own, looking at the 'camera'. But I made his eyes a bit too wide and he ended up with that rather distant expression. Then I thought. 'Hm. Pinkie's renowned for breaking the fourth wall. Maybe I could draw her too, I have't drawn any of the Mane Six in a while.'. So I drew Pinkie. And then I had the idea to put one of the others standing to the side, looking confused. At first I was going to draw Fluttershy, but I eventually changed it to Twilight. Not sure why. But I did.

Pinkie's also nicked Willy's hat and cane again, not sure why, I just like the idea of her pinching his stuff :P
Speaking of Pinkie. You may have noticed that she has feathers on her chest. I added these because, like many fans, I like to think that Pinkie is a descendant of Surprise, a pegasus mare. So I gave Pinkie a few feathers. I think it looks quite nice. :)
When it comes to Twilight's racial features though, other than tail feathers and wings, I wanted to keep her looking distinctly unicorn, since that's what she originally was. So she doesn't have any body feathering. Only tail feathers, like all pegasi/alicorns, and wings. So yeah. I also made her horn long and curved, pointed too, since she's an alicorn now. As a unicorn, her horn would of likely been shorter, straighter, and slightly less pointed, like most of my other unicorn mares.

I actually managed a decent looking 3/4 shot. That doesn't happen very often :D

I love drawing Wonka's hair. It's so frizzy! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
Though the frizzyness does make it a right pain to vector. ><

Couldn't be asked to put a background on this. So I left it transparent. ^^'

I should draw the Mane Six, and other canon characters, more often, they're nice to draw, and I don't draw them enough. And you know. I've never actually drawn Fluttershy. Or at least. Not for a very very long time. I'll have to draw something with all of the Mane Six at some point. That'll be a nice challenge :D

Anyway. Not much else to say really. Other than I hope you like and please fav and comment :D

Willy Wonka belongs to Roald Dahl
Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie belong to Hasbro
My Little Pony belongs to Hasbro
Art belongs to and was made by me
Tagged by :iconzanarnaryon:

1. Choose one of Your OCs

2. Your OC must answer as truthfully as possible
3. Journal title should be "OC interview"
4. when you're done, tag as many People as possible
5. Of course, not any part of it has to be canon

I tag;


All right then, Hazel, I choose you.

1. Hi! What's Your real name and nickname?

My name is Hazel Nut. Some of my mates call me Haze, but you can call me Hazel.

2. Current age?

Nineteen. Just about.

3. That is pretty impressive, where do you come from?

Born and raised in Ponyville. And proud of it!

4. Favourite Food?

I'll eat more or less anything if I'm hungry enough. But I'll never say no to chocolate..

5. What about drink?

Soft drinks, or alcoholic.? Really depends. Um.. With me being the chocoholic that I am. I won't say no to a chocolate milkshake. But when I'm out and about. I'll have a shandy. Nothing to heavy. Not a great fan of waking up hungover..

6. Do you have a crush? hmmmmmmmm?

Urr.. Do you know who you're talking to?
There's not really anyone I'm going after at the moment. Percy (that's Poetic Elegance to anyone who doesn't know 'im by his nickname) is quite cute though. And I think he has a crush on me. So maybe.

7. What colours do you like?

Green! For, obvious reasons. And pink. Since for one reason or another that's the colour of my magic aura. Who said it always matched the ponies eyes? Lies I tell you, lies..!

8. Favourite Author?

Don't really have one. I love reading. But don't follow any specific authors. I quite like the Daring Doo books though, by A.K Yerling.

9. This is an interesting question, what is Your biggest fear?

My biggest fear? Gee.. Ur. Well. I guess.. I guess it'd have to be sinking back into the depression I suffered from in my early teens. That wasn't fun..

10. Siblings?

I have an older sister. She's cool.. Usually..

11. Your idol/hero?

This'll sound stupid. But my idol has always been my dad. He was, and always will be, the greatest pony I've ever met. He was amazingly talented, kind, and really helped me through some tough times. I do him miss him.. I really do..

12. Who is Your worst enemy?

I don't really have an enemy. Unless you count the ur.. so and so's who bullied me in school.

13. What if Your enemy and hero got together?

I'd be very confused.

14. What would you do if you met Your creator?

Who? What? Zap? Or. Oh. I know who you mean. Well. Considering from what I've heard, she's basically the same as Zap, so, I dunno. We'd probably get along fine.

15. Screw it, what do you want to work as/Works as now?

I'm only just out of school. I don't really have a job. Nor do I know what I want to do. I'll find something.

16. What is Your worst nightmare?

See question 9. Also, losing my family. I've already lost one member. I'd hate to lose what I have left.

17. What is Your life long dream?

When I was a kid, I thought that I wanted to be a musician like my parents, but that never really happened, since I was never any good. So I don't really know..

18. This is maybe a little late, but what species are you?

I'm a unicorn. Though I have a bit of pegasus blood thrown in here and there.

19. Where is Your favourite Place to relax?

In my room. With my music. On my own. Just chillin'. Fantastic.

20. What do you spend Your time doing?

Hanging around with my friends. Listening to music. Chatting. Having fun. Maybe going down to one of the clubs on a Saturday. You know, usual teenage colt stuff.
Underwater - Walkthrough thingy by Spitfire-SOS
Underwater - Walkthrough thingy
Not something I usually do. But I fancied making a change for this piece. Since I'm pretty happy with how it looks. And the sketch wasn't excessively messy. Also gives you an idea on how I make my art :D Or at least. The digital section of it. All of it was done in Inkscape except for the final effects, which were done in GIMP.

But yeah. Not a great deal else to say. Other than I hope you like and please fav and comment :)

Final piece -

AdCast - Ads from the Community


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